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Vinegar, 5% Acetic Acid                          

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The winemaker behind Minus 8 Vinegar made an extraordinary Riesling wine, vin de curé, to become Dehydr8 Vinegar.   Dehydr8 can enhance flavours and replace acidic or sweet ingredients in recipes, such as vinegars, citrus juices, verjus, or syrups.  Its intense fruity nose, innovative production method, taste, quality and balance of components make it stand out.

In our case, we dehydrate Riesling grapes in specialized racks until they are raisins, then press for juice.  The juice has intense and concentrated flavor, high acidity and is very sweet.  It's vinified, then made into vinegar using a specific mother (or acetobacter, bacteria that ferments alcohol to acetic acid, the defining component of vinegar.)

Dehydr8‘s only ingredient, wine vinegar, is from specifically elevated and hand-picked Riesling grapes.  Each bottle is sealed with a cork.

Uses:  vinaigrettes, finishing sauces, poultry, foie gras, seafood, meats, vegetables, desserts, berries, fruits, and digestif.

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