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Mise Magazine interview with Tony Messina - see what his top 10 favorite kitchen things are.

Amanda Hesser wrote in The New York Times Magazine:
“Back in 1996, an icewine maker in Niagara, Ontario, decided that he had had enough of overpriced and marginal balsamic vinegars.  So he made his own vinegar from eight varieties of grapes – all picked when temperatures dipped below 8 degrees Celsius and pressed while frozen.  The resulting gourmet vinegar, which he called Minus 8, is dark like a raisin, has a soft sweetness and glows with fruit.  Minus 8 is similar in body to balsamic vinegar and similar in depth to an aged sherry vinegar.  The secret vinegar maker starts with red and white wine (riesling, gewürztraminer and gamay are the only varietals he will reveal), then ferments them slowly into vinegar and ages them in French oak barrels, blending them using the solera method, in which batches from previous years are mixed in with the new vintage.”